19 FEB 2019: Full Moon in Virgo 0°

whew. you wouldn’t think it, but this full moon packs a punch. watch your gut and keep your meals light. we’re all going through a solar plexus upgrade as we purify the collective masculine.

can you balance this intense desire for purification with self compassion and an understanding of the need to surrender to the loving, gooey cosmos just ready to embrace you?

I hope you can. Because you are loved. And you are enough, even as you desire an upgrade that you deserve and begin on this new path to making it happen. Carry this love with you and let it lighten your step. The road may be long ahead, so stroll with this song in your heart. “I am loved. I am loved. I carry the love with me and leave all else behind.”

Kriya: Sat Kriya
Mantra: I am the light of the soul