19 APR 2019: CAVERN LIGHT. Full moon in Libra Entering Scorpio.

You probably knew at the time of the new moon something was up. Your heart or your gut started to whisper to you. Maybe the message was garbled because Mercury was still in aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Maybe you felt a bit unsettled and wanted evidence to make a decision, but the more you tried to think it through, the less things made sense. If you reached for fantasy these last few weeks to buoy you up when you were feeling uneasy, be prepared for a rapid illumination that shakes you to the core. If you have been tuning in to your heart’s desire this sudden clarity only confirms what you knew all along.

This full moon in Libra completes a loose cardinal cross. Mercury/sun/venus is in Aries lighting the desire for the new. The South node, Pluto and Saturn are conjunct in Capricorn reminding you of the weighty commitments you hold in your physical reality. And the North node is in cancer calling you to move forward to your heart’s desire.

This is an alarm sounding to wake us up to a new level of consciousness about the impact of our actions. If we are not honouring our intuition and our heart’s happiness we cannot possibly be of service to others. if we refuse to acknowledge the needs of those we come in contact with and think only of ourselves we also cannot possibly be of service to others. The initial full moon in Libra gives us new insight as to our own imbalance. Maybe we see how we have betrayed ourselves or others by avoiding the deepest feelings within. If we want to feel good about our heart, our commitments, and our actions, we need to maintain this balance with care and compassion. The moon’s movement into Scorpio gives us the way forward, trining that North node in cancer. In order to be more balanced for others we have to be willing to go within to create inner union. If you have been avoiding doing some shadow work, this aspect will give you the courage, tools, and optimism to finally face it.

Insta live full moon meditation up now xx

19 FEB 2019: Full Moon in Virgo 0°

whew. you wouldn’t think it, but this full moon packs a punch. watch your gut and keep your meals light. we’re all going through a solar plexus upgrade as we purify the collective masculine.

can you balance this intense desire for purification with self compassion and an understanding of the need to surrender to the loving, gooey cosmos just ready to embrace you?

I hope you can. Because you are loved. And you are enough, even as you desire an upgrade that you deserve and begin on this new path to making it happen. Carry this love with you and let it lighten your step. The road may be long ahead, so stroll with this song in your heart. “I am loved. I am loved. I carry the love with me and leave all else behind.”

Kriya: Sat Kriya
Mantra: I am the light of the soul

21 JAN 2019: Lunar Eclipse 1° Leo

Everyone will be talking about the natural creative implications of Leo. But really I want to talk about heart centered leadership.

So few of us have an understanding about what healthy masculine energy feels like (btw the gender polarity is an illusion of duality, but that’s for another day!). So, if we are centred in the heart that can make us afraid to take the mantle of leadership. Perhaps we are afraid to become the toxic leaders we experienced in the past. Perhaps we simply have no model how, or we have lost our confidence.

The recent mass rising of masculine energy to be healed represented beautifully in the Capricorn energy building into the 2020 synod (the changing of the guard to the pluto in libra (1971-1984) and pluto in Scorpio generations (1984-1994) that has learned through pain the consequences of the wounded masculine) is all about healing the masculine energy of the people of earth so that is can elevate itself to better align to the rapidly healing feminine. This lower chakra energy has risen to the heart to give us COURAGE. 1° of ♌ indicates we are inspired to lead but we may not quite feel ready. This is the opening of our courage. You may have any unresolved memories blocking your ability to lead from the heart and stand in your authentic rulership rise from the subconscious 
Use the energy of this eclipse to step into your personal heart centered leadership that is also receptive ♥️

Mantra: Whisper “Wahe guRU” over and over
Kriya: Experience and Project the Original Self

29 MAY 2018: Full Moon in Sagittarius

Full moon in Sagittarius today! ♐🌕 Strong themes of communication, duality and speaking your truth, as mercury also enters Gemini ♊, pinging that Gemini/Sagittarius axis. Higher aspirations and universal truths ♐ are met with a barrage of questions ♊. As we begin to understand ourselves more deeply, to acknowledge the shadow within us, the part of us that doesn’t fit into our “story”, we are asked to speak our truth. In order to do that, we’ll need to evaluate multiple perspectives of our situation. How can you integrate both of your “realities” into one true expression? Can you? Seeing both sides of the story, can you shoot your arrow straight? 🏹

Aspects to Saturn indicate you may have some responsibilities, boundaries, or physical blocks that limit your movement and choices. Use this new mental perspective, flexibility and creativity to work around the limit and see the way to the “other side” of your situation or understand another person’s perspective. This will give you the clarity you need to hit your target. 🏹🎯

If you’re interested in finding more about how this impacts you personally, drop me a message and we can discuss a consultation 😊✨ Join us tonight for our second kundalini yoga class focusing on grounding and integration of new energy, 19:15 tonight at the International Society. 🙏