The Joy of No Practice

I’m discovering the deepest spiritual practice lately. The NO PRACTICE practice.

You heard me right. No ecstatic chants, no cold showers, no tumeric potions, no crying on sheepskin. No lamenting my shadows. Just, nothing.

If you’re having a lot of resistance to this idea, maybe your ego is getting attached.

How liberating is it to know you are enough? To know that you don’t need to keep sacrificing yourself at the altar of a higher power in the hope of becoming more because you already ARE. How much of a transformation can you make to the life you are already living if you open the incredible discoveries of everything you’ve learned OUTWARD, blossoming into real action and real gifts, being fully present and committed to the full living of your life?

Is Uranus transiting Taurus liberating you from a superficial engagement with your life? With your beliefs? With your day to day? FEELS GOOD to be real!