20 MAR 2019: Full Moon in Libra 0º. Let yourself be impaled.

“In a collection of perfect specimens of many biological forms, a butterfly displays the beauty of its wings, its body impaled by a fine dart.” – Sabian Symbol for Libra 0º

Balancing the scales in relationships in the 3d world can create significant pain. We humans have for ages sought to create this balance by inflicting the pain we feel on others in some way, consciously or subconsciously, keeping us bound to each-other mentally and emotionally, as we continue to point the finger at the something exterior to ourselves as the source of our discomfort. Hurting someone else when we are hurt creates a pleasing partial discharge of energy, helping us avoid feeling the pain fully. Our body carries with it the memory and training of how to do this. Uranus’ movement through Taurus is challenging our body’s programmed avoidance of physical and emotional pain. Whether it’s through adrenaline feeding interpersonal conflict or violence, addictions to nourishment or pleasure (food or sex), or games (literal games, or mind games) – we are all capable of creating elaborate inner worlds of illusion to avoid emotional pain. Knowing that about ourselves keeps us grounded, protects us from self righteousness, and gives us compassion for those who have wounded us in their own crusade to avoid pain.

The gutting, horrifying pain you feel when you are awakened is the pain that you felt when escaped into illusion, to protect yourself. The lie that you were separate from the ‘bad guys’ and the danger out there, that you were a ‘good person’. But now this lie of separation hinders you from loving your fellow man. You have been hurt, yes. But the one who has hurt you is also a victim. Integrating the wisdom that we are all one creates pressure as we are prevented from discharging this energy at the ‘enemy’ and forced back inward to finally FACE the pain.

This full moon can bring new insights into old pain may inspire a new commitment in you this spring equinox to release the past once and for all by confronting that thing you thought you could never face.

Facing that unfeelable or unthinkable thing you know deep down can give you immense power and grace. You will discover that you are eternal, that essential part of you that is capable of lasting beyond any suffering, physical, or mental condition has the opportunity to shine. It gives us the opportunity to transcend the wins and losses in the game of life and experience pain without letting it hurt our spirit. It gives us the courage to accept that unconditional love is possible. This takes an inner commitment to crossing the waters of emotion to a place of inner wisdom and justice. Having made the sacrifice of our temporary well being to integrate these nauseating, painful feelings, we can reach deeper into the great waters of our inner self. This gives us depth and courage when facing our toxic world to make changes for a better future – the proper application of justice.

This full moon will give us an opportunity to create alchemy with our pain to transform into beauty our inner world. It gives us new opportunities for grace, justice, and wisdom, but only if we have the courage to balance the scales WITHIN. Surrender yourself to your deepest wound and it will show you how timeless, loving, and graceful you really are.

19 FEB 2019: Full Moon in Virgo 0°

whew. you wouldn’t think it, but this full moon packs a punch. watch your gut and keep your meals light. we’re all going through a solar plexus upgrade as we purify the collective masculine.

can you balance this intense desire for purification with self compassion and an understanding of the need to surrender to the loving, gooey cosmos just ready to embrace you?

I hope you can. Because you are loved. And you are enough, even as you desire an upgrade that you deserve and begin on this new path to making it happen. Carry this love with you and let it lighten your step. The road may be long ahead, so stroll with this song in your heart. “I am loved. I am loved. I carry the love with me and leave all else behind.”

Kriya: Sat Kriya
Mantra: I am the light of the soul

Replant your Roots! Grounding the Self in the Age of Aquarius

We have, as a collective, been enduring some serious light body upgrades since the Uranus pluto square in 2012, that shook the foundations of our collective at its core. Unhealthy, toxic and unbalanced systems that humans took “security” in for centuries, a crutch for our dimmed inner peace and wisdom, began to crumble along with other human illusions. The growing light of a maturing humanity illuminated the darkness that needed to be healed once and for all. 2018 was a momentous final purge of anything remaining hidden. And now here we are, illuminated, standing firmly in the beginning of the age of Aquarius.

We achieve unity only by embracing our authentic uniqueness (Aquarius). We must strive for the collective but can lose sight of its purpose without a proper balance in opening the heart and entering heart centered leadership (Leo)

If you are a future leader you have probably been seriously tested recently. Maybe you are undergoing emotional or physical changes that make you question your sanity.

Don’t worry, fellow Aquarian. Feelings don’t have meanings. They can be felt, embraced, and discarded as quickly as this post. Move through each emotion, watching your heart like watching a beautiful film, if that helps you stay detached enough to feel safe enough to experience them.

If you are experiencing physical changes (tingling, lower back heat, aching, arousal, gut reactions, low appetite, insomnia) and there is no apparent physical cause, you may be experiencing an adjustment to your nervous system, especially around the lower chakras. Your body is healing and you are being re-grounded away from toxic external systems and into yourself. Give thanks to your body for supporting you and embrace the changes.

21 JAN 2019: Lunar Eclipse 1° Leo

Everyone will be talking about the natural creative implications of Leo. But really I want to talk about heart centered leadership.

So few of us have an understanding about what healthy masculine energy feels like (btw the gender polarity is an illusion of duality, but that’s for another day!). So, if we are centred in the heart that can make us afraid to take the mantle of leadership. Perhaps we are afraid to become the toxic leaders we experienced in the past. Perhaps we simply have no model how, or we have lost our confidence.

The recent mass rising of masculine energy to be healed represented beautifully in the Capricorn energy building into the 2020 synod (the changing of the guard to the pluto in libra (1971-1984) and pluto in Scorpio generations (1984-1994) that has learned through pain the consequences of the wounded masculine) is all about healing the masculine energy of the people of earth so that is can elevate itself to better align to the rapidly healing feminine. This lower chakra energy has risen to the heart to give us COURAGE. 1° of ♌ indicates we are inspired to lead but we may not quite feel ready. This is the opening of our courage. You may have any unresolved memories blocking your ability to lead from the heart and stand in your authentic rulership rise from the subconscious 
Use the energy of this eclipse to step into your personal heart centered leadership that is also receptive ♥️

Mantra: Whisper “Wahe guRU” over and over
Kriya: Experience and Project the Original Self

Jan 2019 Eclipse Window

How has this window between eclipses been treating everyone? Does it seem like things you thought were already dealt with have returned to test your resolve? So many of us are getting karmic lessons at this time. Maybe this is the time you speak up for yourself and break the cycle caused by fear!

If the new moon was the intention, the full moon lunar eclipse on 21 Jan is the reaction. Watch as the universe follows through with the best outcomes for everyone. Shock reversals and miracles really are possible if you keep your intentions clear and do the inner work to learn the lessons. Those insisting on avoiding reality will get a sharp wake up call!

Whatever you do in this eclipse window, no matter how frustrated or discouraged you are, don’t proceed in fear. Honour your unhappy feelings and make space for them without judgement. Keep yourself as grounded as possible – routine and healthful meals can help you even if you feel like it’s the last thing you need. Incredible changes are happening and that can be hard on the heart. Everything is a blessing, even if the only blessing is to show you that your are stronger than you ever imagined.

Love and light to you 🙏 I’ll post with more detail about Monday’s eclipse this weekend.

8 Nov 2018 – 2 Dec 2019: Jupiter in Sagittarius – Bolder, Bigger, Truer than Ever

How is your relationship with your journey? With your inner fire, creativity, and vitality? With your verve? With your truth? With the meaning of your life? With the wisdom in your story?

We have an opportunity to heal our inner fire and trust ourselves more this next year as Jupiter transits Sagittarius as part of a 12 year cycle. We have had an intense year of reflection and completion of old cycles as the sun in Scorpio asks us to surrender this month. What themes were present in your life in 2007? How did your understanding of the meaning of your life change? What have you learned since? Are you more optimistic? Do you understand yourself and others better? Can you trust in your fate?

Philosophers, teachers, mystics, sages, and other wise ones. Get ready to level up and guide the ones you’re meant to guide. Grow into your power to heal others.

Lost ones. Get ready for an epic journey of self discovery embarked upon with a new optimism.

If you have aspects in other mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Gemini) get ready for some powerful energy challenging you to grow past old habits based on worn out false beliefs.

If you have aspects in Aries or Leo get ready for a surge of optimism and confidence that can give you the push you need to accelerate the path to your dreams. Just don’t get lazy and stand on the escalator. Keep climbing.

If you have aspects in Aquarius or Libra you may have to cleverly balance a desire to grow (or growth in responsibility) with your own needs and desires, integrating change that you need.

See if you can spot where the asteroid Chiron sits in your natal chart and apply it to one of those passages above.

Don’t worry Taurus and Capricorn, you’ll get your dose of this optimistic energy in 2020 when the lessons of 2019 manifest as solid results.

What have you learned along the way? What will you learn in the future? Laugh and have fun with your story.

25 SEP 2018: Sun in Libra

Dramatic shifts with this equinox. Sun is in Libra and we have a wonderful time to socialize and learn from each other. The temptation is to go inward. The opportunity is there, you just need to reach for it. Full moons are usually about completion, but this one is in Aries, the initiation of the zodiac. So go for it!

23 JUL 2018: Sun in Leo 0°

And also…
Venus/Ceres in ♍ opposite Neptune in Pisces and in a mutable t-square with Moon in Sagittarius

Whew. It’s Leo season. Introspective breakthroughs abound, so purr and stretch out a little and get ready to roar. Time to show out your mastery with your efforts. To act in community to get your creative efforts heard. The world is ready for seismic changes already in progress and we’re in Leo season – so the bolder the better! You can do more when you work with others. Even if your instinct is to shine on your own, draw on that regal energy to make full use of your subjects… Er… community 😉

And also… in another matter. Seek nurturing in attention to detail, loving criticism of where you can improve – even if it sits in direct opposition with your dreams of intuitive psychic understanding and all-one-ness. The Sagittarius moon will help you laugh off any hurt feelings, keep it light, embrace new ways of doing things, and genuinely want to learn/improve.

Lots going on at the start of the season, but remind yourself that you are surrounded in a loving support network to raise the bar and shine!

As always, DM for personal astrology consultations at reasonable rates 🙏