1 MAY 2019: Happy Beltane!

Watch what springs forth from the dark in you. Honour it. Your feelings are valid and will support your growth. Your mind wants to make judgements about you. But your mind is being an arsehole. A new side of you is suddenly becoming available. You have a golden opportunity to fall in love with yourself in a deeper and more meaningful way than anyone has ever been able to before.

Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn are all now in retrograde (Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Sagittarius). Old programming based on lack, low self worth, surpressed healthy desires, and toxicity are coming to the surface. Honour it without engagement. Anything coming up now is coming up for closure – let that understanding shield you from fear of experiencing it. This is not your future, so let yourself experience this ugliness one last time to say goodbye, with gratitude. What wants to bloom for you this spring will not come if you prevent yourself from taking deeper roots in the dark.

You may have never felt like this before. That’s because you were not sensitive enough before to feel what was already there, buried in you.

Savour your pain as deeply as your pleasure. The contrast will serve you to better feel and appreciate the light of joy coming in just for you. Because it’s already here – you just can’t feel it on your face if you are numb. This is a beautiful spring, and you deserve all your sensations.

This spring and summer, make a commitment to get into a passionate love affair with yourself. Stay up late asking yourself questions, or pleasing yourself in any manner you need. Listen compassionately and lovingly to your own sad stories, holding yourself like a lover would. Take yourself out on incredible dates. And whatever you do don’t let the petty circumstances of your life prevent this. After all, how can you ask a lover to be committed to you if you can’t be committed to you?

Kriya: Women’s Set for Pleasure and Happiness

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