1 MAR 2019: Waning moon in Capricorn. Purification Juice

The theme of this earthy lunar cycle it’s purification. The full moon in Virgo tapped our solar plexus to identify where we have been sapped of our power. This waning moon conjuncts Saturn (3rd and 4th dimension, karma, discipline) then pluto (transformation). It also trines Mars (effort, action) in Taurus and opposes the North node in Cancer (future path). This is a golden opportunity before the new moon of 6 March to expend a little effort with a lot of results, into squeezing out of your body any residual sadness, pain, or trauma keeping you from centering yourself in the heart and really FEELING those juicy feelings that want to come. Consciously let go and take action to make that happen. If you push inward just a little, you will quickly understand the emotions you will need to work through in the coming mercury retrograde (5 Mar), which is an ideal period for reflection and revision. If you avoid this work and don’t get into your feels, or listen to what your body is telling you, you will be forced to when mercury retrograde comes and Uranus enters Taurus, in a less elegant way. Choose consciously and make that lemonade from the lemons of your life! 🙏🏻 The answers your need are stored within your body – listen. Drink up! Sat nam x

Kriya: Sat Kriya

Meditation: Meditation to Conquer Self Animosity

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