Replant your Roots! Grounding the Self in the Age of Aquarius

We have, as a collective, been enduring some serious light body upgrades since the Uranus pluto square in 2012, that shook the foundations of our collective at its core. Unhealthy, toxic and unbalanced systems that humans took “security” in for centuries, a crutch for our dimmed inner peace and wisdom, began to crumble along with other human illusions. The growing light of a maturing humanity illuminated the darkness that needed to be healed once and for all. 2018 was a momentous final purge of anything remaining hidden. And now here we are, illuminated, standing firmly in the beginning of the age of Aquarius.

We achieve unity only by embracing our authentic uniqueness (Aquarius). We must strive for the collective but can lose sight of its purpose without a proper balance in opening the heart and entering heart centered leadership (Leo)

If you are a future leader you have probably been seriously tested recently. Maybe you are undergoing emotional or physical changes that make you question your sanity.

Don’t worry, fellow Aquarian. Feelings don’t have meanings. They can be felt, embraced, and discarded as quickly as this post. Move through each emotion, watching your heart like watching a beautiful film, if that helps you stay detached enough to feel safe enough to experience them.

If you are experiencing physical changes (tingling, lower back heat, aching, arousal, gut reactions, low appetite, insomnia) and there is no apparent physical cause, you may be experiencing an adjustment to your nervous system, especially around the lower chakras. Your body is healing and you are being re-grounded away from toxic external systems and into yourself. Give thanks to your body for supporting you and embrace the changes.

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