29 MAY 2018: Full Moon in Sagittarius

Full moon in Sagittarius today! ♐🌕 Strong themes of communication, duality and speaking your truth, as mercury also enters Gemini ♊, pinging that Gemini/Sagittarius axis. Higher aspirations and universal truths ♐ are met with a barrage of questions ♊. As we begin to understand ourselves more deeply, to acknowledge the shadow within us, the part of us that doesn’t fit into our “story”, we are asked to speak our truth. In order to do that, we’ll need to evaluate multiple perspectives of our situation. How can you integrate both of your “realities” into one true expression? Can you? Seeing both sides of the story, can you shoot your arrow straight? 🏹

Aspects to Saturn indicate you may have some responsibilities, boundaries, or physical blocks that limit your movement and choices. Use this new mental perspective, flexibility and creativity to work around the limit and see the way to the “other side” of your situation or understand another person’s perspective. This will give you the clarity you need to hit your target. 🏹🎯

If you’re interested in finding more about how this impacts you personally, drop me a message and we can discuss a consultation 😊✨ Join us tonight for our second kundalini yoga class focusing on grounding and integration of new energy, 19:15 tonight at the International Society. 🙏

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