New Kundalini Yoga Class in Manchester

Tuesdays at 7pm. Come join me this evening at Friends Meeting House in Manchester, 6 Mount Street, room G4.

I’m kicking off the class with a special event: after our normal 90 mins class we’ll be having a special half hour of tantric meditation! ✨✨✨✨✨✨ £8 drop in. Or, DM me for details on how to save by buying a six pack of classes for £30 (£5 each)

What a beautiful way to kick off this retrograde season! Turn delay and reconsideration into introspection and reflection. Undo the barriers you have built within you to your progress!

Sat Nam lovelies, I can’t wait to see you 😘

New Yoga Class!

TUESDAY 19:15-20:45

Change is coming. Change is inevitable. The best thing you can do is accept this, now. And the best way you can accept this is to prepare your mind, your heart, and your body for change. To protect the nervous system from overload, we need to actively strengthen it!

Come to Kundalini yoga with us to strengthen your nervous system! We’re starting a new cycle of six classes to ground the new energy flooding into our bodies with the Uranus transit ♉ (2018-26) that has only just begun, and stay focused on the truest elements of ourselves in the face of great changes!