20 MAR 2019: Full Moon in Libra 0º. Let yourself be impaled.

“In a collection of perfect specimens of many biological forms, a butterfly displays the beauty of its wings, its body impaled by a fine dart.” – Sabian Symbol for Libra 0º

Balancing the scales in relationships in the 3d world can create significant pain. We humans have for ages sought to create this balance by inflicting the pain we feel on others in some way, consciously or subconsciously, keeping us bound to each-other mentally and emotionally, as we continue to point the finger at the something exterior to ourselves as the source of our discomfort. Hurting someone else when we are hurt creates a pleasing partial discharge of energy, helping us avoid feeling the pain fully. Our body carries with it the memory and training of how to do this. Uranus’ movement through Taurus is challenging our body’s programmed avoidance of physical and emotional pain. Whether it’s through adrenaline feeding interpersonal conflict or violence, addictions to nourishment or pleasure (food or sex), or games (literal games, or mind games) – we are all capable of creating elaborate inner worlds of illusion to avoid emotional pain. Knowing that about ourselves keeps us grounded, protects us from self righteousness, and gives us compassion for those who have wounded us in their own crusade to avoid pain.

The gutting, horrifying pain you feel when you are awakened is the pain that you felt when escaped into illusion, to protect yourself. The lie that you were separate from the ‘bad guys’ and the danger out there, that you were a ‘good person’. But now this lie of separation hinders you from loving your fellow man. You have been hurt, yes. But the one who has hurt you is also a victim. Integrating the wisdom that we are all one creates pressure as we are prevented from discharging this energy at the ‘enemy’ and forced back inward to finally FACE the pain.

This full moon can bring new insights into old pain may inspire a new commitment in you this spring equinox to release the past once and for all by confronting that thing you thought you could never face.

Facing that unfeelable or unthinkable thing you know deep down can give you immense power and grace. You will discover that you are eternal, that essential part of you that is capable of lasting beyond any suffering, physical, or mental condition has the opportunity to shine. It gives us the opportunity to transcend the wins and losses in the game of life and experience pain without letting it hurt our spirit. It gives us the courage to accept that unconditional love is possible. This takes an inner commitment to crossing the waters of emotion to a place of inner wisdom and justice. Having made the sacrifice of our temporary well being to integrate these nauseating, painful feelings, we can reach deeper into the great waters of our inner self. This gives us depth and courage when facing our toxic world to make changes for a better future – the proper application of justice.

This full moon will give us an opportunity to create alchemy with our pain to transform into beauty our inner world. It gives us new opportunities for grace, justice, and wisdom, but only if we have the courage to balance the scales WITHIN. Surrender yourself to your deepest wound and it will show you how timeless, loving, and graceful you really are.

Replant your Roots! Grounding the Self in the Age of Aquarius

We have, as a collective, been enduring some serious light body upgrades since the Uranus pluto square in 2012, that shook the foundations of our collective at its core. Unhealthy, toxic and unbalanced systems that humans took “security” in for centuries, a crutch for our dimmed inner peace and wisdom, began to crumble along with other human illusions. The growing light of a maturing humanity illuminated the darkness that needed to be healed once and for all. 2018 was a momentous final purge of anything remaining hidden. And now here we are, illuminated, standing firmly in the beginning of the age of Aquarius.

We achieve unity only by embracing our authentic uniqueness (Aquarius). We must strive for the collective but can lose sight of its purpose without a proper balance in opening the heart and entering heart centered leadership (Leo)

If you are a future leader you have probably been seriously tested recently. Maybe you are undergoing emotional or physical changes that make you question your sanity.

Don’t worry, fellow Aquarian. Feelings don’t have meanings. They can be felt, embraced, and discarded as quickly as this post. Move through each emotion, watching your heart like watching a beautiful film, if that helps you stay detached enough to feel safe enough to experience them.

If you are experiencing physical changes (tingling, lower back heat, aching, arousal, gut reactions, low appetite, insomnia) and there is no apparent physical cause, you may be experiencing an adjustment to your nervous system, especially around the lower chakras. Your body is healing and you are being re-grounded away from toxic external systems and into yourself. Give thanks to your body for supporting you and embrace the changes.

12 SEP 2018: Grand Cross – Lilith, Mars, Uranus, Venus, and Nodes of the Moon

GRAND CROSS: LILITH 4° SOUTH NODE OF THE MOON 3° AND MARS 0° IN AQUARIUS, URANUS IN TAURUS 2°, VENUS IN SCORPIO 2°, NORTH NODE OF THE MOON LEO 3°. (Teachers you are being summoned to guide others through difficult changes and stop being obstacles to progress!) SUN IN VIRGO 19° OPPOSITE NEPTUNE RETROGRADE 14°, TRINE PLUTO RETROGRADE IN CAPRICORN 18° SEXTILE JUPITER IN SCORPIO 18°. (You have a holy rescue mission into your personal underworld to use practical techniques to reclaim the aspects of your inner power that you left to die)

All in good time, friends. This is a lesson we’re all going through this month. Appreciate the timing of your life and don’t fight it. Respect the natural laws of your physical body, the limits of those around you, and the consequences of your past actions. The more you work within that framework, the less energy you will expend fighting the current of the inevitable and more energy shining your unique light while you do your unique thing on this planet.

You are a leader in your life whether you recognise it or not. You have every right to stand in your power and give what you have. But you can’t give unless you have the energy to draw from. Stop fighting the funk or wishing for untenable fantasies. Work with what you’ve got to make your own magic happen. ✨

Mantra: my tears fall into dust to make the clay I will use to build the future

6 SEP 2018: Saturn Direct in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus


Remember the elusive dream? The one that you still believe in but has seemed so far from you lately? Get ready to receive the key to making these dreams real. Grab it. Now turn.

Illusions have been broken. Good! Step into your power by honouring your individual purpose, and do *something* to make what is real better. Whatever that something is.

Saturn turns direct on September 6th – we’re out of training mode. It’s time to show what you can do. Small steps will mean big changes for your personal growth, the environment around you, and the lives of others. You are clearer now about what you ARE responsible for and have released yourself from entanglements that don’t belong to you. You know how to do things in a better way? Then show others! Use your criticism to improve and perfect without falling into the victim trap. Become an advocate for your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of those people and causes you care about.

Starting this new moon at 17° ♍ on September 9th, you’ll suddenly be very clear about the service and work you will need to do for *others* in order to make your dreams of peace a reality. You can already see yourself and others more clearly for who they are thanks to what you’ve learned during this summer of retrogrades. You have discovered where you are valued and needed. Now it is time to do the service.

Details matter. You may feel discouraged but no contribution is too small. If we are working in alignment with our heart and what we value, these small gestures of care come easily. Where you are struggling right now will show you where in your life you are simply going through the motions.

Mantra: I work from the heart in my highest ideals, busy perfecting the world.