Uranus enters Taurus, Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces 16°.

No excuses now. Maybe the pool of your heart has not been heated by the sun and it’s feeling too cold. Dive in anyway. It’s the shock your nervous system needs. You’ll get used to it.

You already know the old foundations can’t hold you anymore. You’ve got to learn to swim. The safest place to learn to swim is in your own depth. Get to know your own lagoon. In your own time, in your own way. But stop waiting to be pushed. Dive in! Make the choice to enjoy being you, experiencing you, all of you. Uncomfortable, perhaps, but refreshing. And it will serve you well when you’ll need to swim in the currents next year…

The gift of mercury retrograde is the turning off or sight INWARD. Most people resist this and get blocks as they push forward during this special time of reflection. This new moon gives you the chance to create your new practice, cultivating a new practice of inner being for life. Dream deeper dreams. Get to know your desires. So cancel your plans, turn around, and DIVE IN. ❤️

Kriya: Toning the Kidneys

Mantra: Dharti Hai

4 JAN 2019: New Moon Solar Eclipse 15° Capricorn

Lay foundations for your future in your heart’s vision! Not your friend’s, not your family’s, yours! To do that you’ll need to go deeper into your intuition than you have before. As you survey the land ahead, what does your heart tell you about which mountain you need to climb, which palace you should build? Stand in that understanding as you face the terrain ahead and decide what life you want to create. As the external information available to you becomes murky or unclear, you’ll find increasing clarity going inward into your own perception.

If the idea of building something fills your with fear of a future burden, it might be time to let go of that fear and take hold of your life. Mars in Aries is giving you the motivation and courage. This eclipse gives us the chance to start building a new life structure to better support our spirit and physical needs, culminating w/the 2020 jupiter-pluto-saturn synod.

When newly direct Uranus re-enters Taurus this year it will be again working overtime to continue the rewiring of our nervous systems that it began in May 2018 (and had to stop and retrograde because we all had a bunch of unprocessed karma to address!). We will all be re-grounded in our authentic selves, disconnected from artificial models of being imprinted on us from society, so this new life we’re working on will be in alignment with this true self.

So much love to you as you awaken to your heart’s desire and discover new courage on how to make it real 😘

20 SEP 2018: Venus in Scorpio Opposite Uranus in Taurus


How do you do the work to build when the foundations are collapsing? How can you create with a strong and determined intention when our definitions of good are constantly shifting?

The pace of life and the rate at which we are expected to integrate new information is increasing to new astonishing levels. we are becoming aware that old measures of success like worldly achievements are unsustainable in a transforming environment. Our mental landscape is transforming, so we are watching the world around us shift chop and melt according to what needs to be deconstructed or fall away from our preoccupation. The extent to which you are experiencing confusion, destruction, anxiety and burnout now is the extent to which you have failed to maintain a clear goal and perspective in your mind that is in alignment with your true self and your true soul purpose.

The sun in Virgo Transit has really switched the light on, hasn’t it? We can’t run anymore from the areas where we have let ourselves down.

The real achievement you can hope to gain now is to regain or maintain mastery over your mind and body so that you have the agility to incorporate new ideas and changing conditions with grace and a smile. In order for us to get to that state we have to be honest with ourselves about the extent to which our shadow selves are ruling our lives and limiting our success.

Accept that you may feel like nothing has been accomplished. Put whatever energy you have left into something to improve your mental clarity take care of your emotions and recharge your body. Let whatever is going to die, die, even if it is just an aspect of your personality or your self. Grieve. The path forward is through acceptance.

Mantra: I accept my whole self, my whole self is needed to take the next step.

8 AUG 2018 (8/8): The Lion’s Gate

The final flourish in this summer story of eclipses. So you’ve been knocked and experienced some hurt. Can you open up your heart, trust, and speak your truth? Are you really going to let those old insecurities and hangups stop you from stepping into your light?

Of course not!

Finish that last chapter, close that old sad book, and chuck in the soil to fertilise new growth. You’ve got what you needed from that story. It’s done.

The (8/8) lions gate is an auspicious time each year that you can use to reopen your creative expression. If there are any old, stale hurts or calcified blocks in your heart, get ready to feel them crumble, or else have them shaken and knocked loose! If you’re too attached to them because they make you feel “stable”, get ready to say goodbye. We’ve had a hot, singeing summer that’s killed off some weak growth, and you’ve judiciously cut it back (or had it lopped off for you!) Now try some approaches to grow again. To do that you’ll need to play, invent, experiment. Trial new methods. Go outside your boundaries to adopt new approaches. Nothing permanent, mind – we’re still in mercury retrograde, so evaluate and analyse but don’t yet decide. Find joy in showing others how to do the same. You may be hurt but you are still strong enough to lead.

Some clues to be found in Dane Rudhyar’s 16 and 18 ° ♌ sabian symbols here: “The storm ended, all nature rejoices in brilliant sunshine” “A chemist conducts an experiment for their students”

Good practices for this week:
– stand in the shower with hot water on the back of the neck to stimulate the pineal gland
– heart and navel chakra opening exercises
– mindfulness practices to spot and discard your stale self perceptions

23 JUL 2018: Sun in Leo 0°

And also…
Venus/Ceres in ♍ opposite Neptune in Pisces and in a mutable t-square with Moon in Sagittarius

Whew. It’s Leo season. Introspective breakthroughs abound, so purr and stretch out a little and get ready to roar. Time to show out your mastery with your efforts. To act in community to get your creative efforts heard. The world is ready for seismic changes already in progress and we’re in Leo season – so the bolder the better! You can do more when you work with others. Even if your instinct is to shine on your own, draw on that regal energy to make full use of your subjects… Er… community 😉

And also… in another matter. Seek nurturing in attention to detail, loving criticism of where you can improve – even if it sits in direct opposition with your dreams of intuitive psychic understanding and all-one-ness. The Sagittarius moon will help you laugh off any hurt feelings, keep it light, embrace new ways of doing things, and genuinely want to learn/improve.

Lots going on at the start of the season, but remind yourself that you are surrounded in a loving support network to raise the bar and shine!

As always, DM for personal astrology consultations at reasonable rates 🙏

21 MAY 2018: Uranus in Taurus, Sun in Gemini through 20 June

Are you feeling that Uranian energy yet? Maybe in your body? Nervous, excited? So much energy! Could be blissful! Destabilising, or invigorating! Inspirational? Shocking? Rebellious? Individuated? Wild!

Or are you anxiously holding onto the dead weight of your old life, waiting for external forces to zap you free? (Careful what you wish for!) The recent new moon in Taurus asked you, are you grounded enough to handle this new information? As we approach sun in ♊ Gemini season you will be challenged to make a choice about what you do next. Or live the duality of your indecision with grace, balance and humour. If you can manage 🤣

You have a choice how to direct and apply all this new energy in your life. Your biggest challenge will be which path to take. Choose consciously or life will choose for you!

Get back in your body, listen to what it tells you, and you’ll understand what you need to do.

And if that still isn’t enough, DM me for a personal astrological consultation 😘