1 MAY 2019: Happy Beltane!

Watch what springs forth from the dark in you. Honour it. Your feelings are valid and will support your growth. Your mind wants to make judgements about you. But your mind is being an arsehole. A new side of you is suddenly becoming available. You have a golden opportunity to fall in love with yourself in a deeper and more meaningful way than anyone has ever been able to before.

Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn are all now in retrograde (Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Sagittarius). Old programming based on lack, low self worth, surpressed healthy desires, and toxicity are coming to the surface. Honour it without engagement. Anything coming up now is coming up for closure – let that understanding shield you from fear of experiencing it. This is not your future, so let yourself experience this ugliness one last time to say goodbye, with gratitude. What wants to bloom for you this spring will not come if you prevent yourself from taking deeper roots in the dark.

You may have never felt like this before. That’s because you were not sensitive enough before to feel what was already there, buried in you.

Savour your pain as deeply as your pleasure. The contrast will serve you to better feel and appreciate the light of joy coming in just for you. Because it’s already here – you just can’t feel it on your face if you are numb. This is a beautiful spring, and you deserve all your sensations.

This spring and summer, make a commitment to get into a passionate love affair with yourself. Stay up late asking yourself questions, or pleasing yourself in any manner you need. Listen compassionately and lovingly to your own sad stories, holding yourself like a lover would. Take yourself out on incredible dates. And whatever you do don’t let the petty circumstances of your life prevent this. After all, how can you ask a lover to be committed to you if you can’t be committed to you?

Kriya: Women’s Set for Pleasure and Happiness

24-27 APR 2019: Pluto retrograde and solar flares. What needs to GO?


Like a blast, we are hit with some unexpected interference that forces us inward. Anxiety as fuel for inner change.

Solar flares are creating increased magnetism in a lot of us. We could feel potent, and that realisation of personal power is particularly frightening because we feel personally responsible for not only or lives, but the lives of those around us in our sphere of influence. And because of the increased magnetism around these solar flares we are aware of having a bigger sphere of influence, a bigger aura than we thought. Which means we can magnetically attract more. It’s up to you if it’s more light, more gold, more God, or if you want to float through life like a giant hoover, attracting everyone else’s drama. But this is a time you are aware that the path to become MORE involves the acceptance of LESS of something else to create the space. Time to take out the trash.

Pluto retrograde turns this MORE energy inward to help you find the path to LESS. We’re raising the energy on this planet and you’re now tasked with the work of figuring out what is keeping you low. It’s going to take some insisting, some investigation, some insight. This obsessive inward focused energy could just as easily manifest as constant worry, so please channel in down into your root to root out whatever remaining insecurities or habits are holding you back. If something suddenly removes itself from your space, thank your higher self for showing you what was holding you back and eliminating it quickly.

Kriya: 108 frogs
Mantra: Sat Nam Wahe Guru

See you Sunday 28 April for another meditation where we confront this intense purifying energy! 7pm BST (GMT+1)

5 APR 2019: NEW MOON IN ARIES 15° – Peat Fires

Slow burn! This isn’t a fire that will go out quickly. Loads of purging is happening – can you use those gross, old stale emotions as fuel to change your life?

There is incredible new energy coming in this new moon. At least it feels new. But there is no new. We are suddenly afire with enthusiasm and vitality. Why? Because as a collective we have been purging incredible amounts of dense, painful, toxic energy. The global collective is in the middle of an incredible structural and emotional transformation, and the key to our thriving is the extent to which we are willing to ignite and chuck the soggy peat of the past into the fire 🔥. It’s not easy, but on this new moon we can feel the progress we have already made, giving us a new levity and confidence. It’s working! It feels fresh, but it’s a freshness you have earned by being brave enough to let the old be burned away. The inner furnace of our body, our heart, is burning up the soggy peat of our past, turning it to ash to fertilise the soil for our new ideas to be planted.

Those of you who went though the dark night of the soul in 2018 might be finally feeling ready to start again. It’s a great time to plant seeds. This is the first new moon in the astrological year. Manifestations are really powerful now. Manifesting your creative projects will have powerful results this year if you start NOW. Let the dying past motivate you to create the new future.

Kriya: Sat Kriya and Gyan Chakra Kriya
Meditation: Ek Ong Kar Sat Gurprasad

Photo by John Maher

1 MAR 2019: Waning moon in Capricorn. Purification Juice

The theme of this earthy lunar cycle it’s purification. The full moon in Virgo tapped our solar plexus to identify where we have been sapped of our power. This waning moon conjuncts Saturn (3rd and 4th dimension, karma, discipline) then pluto (transformation). It also trines Mars (effort, action) in Taurus and opposes the North node in Cancer (future path). This is a golden opportunity before the new moon of 6 March to expend a little effort with a lot of results, into squeezing out of your body any residual sadness, pain, or trauma keeping you from centering yourself in the heart and really FEELING those juicy feelings that want to come. Consciously let go and take action to make that happen. If you push inward just a little, you will quickly understand the emotions you will need to work through in the coming mercury retrograde (5 Mar), which is an ideal period for reflection and revision. If you avoid this work and don’t get into your feels, or listen to what your body is telling you, you will be forced to when mercury retrograde comes and Uranus enters Taurus, in a less elegant way. Choose consciously and make that lemonade from the lemons of your life! 🙏🏻 The answers your need are stored within your body – listen. Drink up! Sat nam x

Kriya: Sat Kriya

Meditation: Meditation to Conquer Self Animosity

30 SEP 2018: Pluto Turns Direct 18° Capricorn

Real efforts to regain grace make changes possible. You’ve unearthed a lot this summer. About yourself, about others. You’ve faced the wormy underbelly within, the rotten, neglected parts of your soul. You’ve been wrung out, shocked, been struggling. Maybe it felt like drowning in the mass of practical problems, interpersonal issues, and subconscious material that fell on you.

But now you can clear it all out. Remove the rubbish once and for all. It may make you sick to hold it in your hands but it’s the only way to pick it up and chuck it out of your life.

You have the tools already to regain your grace and freedom. Stop ignoring your power and use it to clear out the sludge. Respect your knowledge. Any efforts to avoid responsibility for your life right now will be dearly punished – your higher self will make sure of it. Only you know what you need. Take the first steps and start sketching your map of how to get it. Get on with it! Make it happen!

Affirmations are SUPER powerful right now!

Yoga suggestion: Sat Kriya to build the navel, stimulate the crown chakra, and stimulate your destiny (caution if you suffer from anxiety: pay attention to your feelings and stop if it gets too much, meditating in silence on the crown of your head)

Alternative yoga suggestion: literally shake it off. Shake every limb in your body until the shame is melted off you from the pure heat of your fervour.

Mantra: I am capable, I am able, I am ready.

20 SEP 2018: Venus in Scorpio Opposite Uranus in Taurus


How do you do the work to build when the foundations are collapsing? How can you create with a strong and determined intention when our definitions of good are constantly shifting?

The pace of life and the rate at which we are expected to integrate new information is increasing to new astonishing levels. we are becoming aware that old measures of success like worldly achievements are unsustainable in a transforming environment. Our mental landscape is transforming, so we are watching the world around us shift chop and melt according to what needs to be deconstructed or fall away from our preoccupation. The extent to which you are experiencing confusion, destruction, anxiety and burnout now is the extent to which you have failed to maintain a clear goal and perspective in your mind that is in alignment with your true self and your true soul purpose.

The sun in Virgo Transit has really switched the light on, hasn’t it? We can’t run anymore from the areas where we have let ourselves down.

The real achievement you can hope to gain now is to regain or maintain mastery over your mind and body so that you have the agility to incorporate new ideas and changing conditions with grace and a smile. In order for us to get to that state we have to be honest with ourselves about the extent to which our shadow selves are ruling our lives and limiting our success.

Accept that you may feel like nothing has been accomplished. Put whatever energy you have left into something to improve your mental clarity take care of your emotions and recharge your body. Let whatever is going to die, die, even if it is just an aspect of your personality or your self. Grieve. The path forward is through acceptance.

Mantra: I accept my whole self, my whole self is needed to take the next step.