7 NOV 2018: New Moon in Scorpio Trine Neptune in Pisces

We’re all getting a good lesson in surrender this year. This is the final exam.

The distorted ego wants to believe it’s in control of the events of our life. We can and should take control of our own behaviour. But within us we all have a part of our willpower that is interested in effecting certain external outcomes at any cost. Addictions to substances, feelings, other people, behaviours, and mental patterns loom large here. These compulsions to control or seek to appease others are driven by our deepest wounds, the ugliest unseen parts of ourselves underneath the conscious self. We feel we MUST make something happen, or else. These obsessive patterns are inherently draining to our spirit. The grasping energy means we are giving our power away to forces external to us. The idea that we need a particular person, situation, or outcome ignores the potential within us to adapt to all situations, the grace of going with the flow. It entraps us in fear, wanting to avoid the experiencing of deep emotions and going inward, we try to arrange external circumstances to avoid these powerful feelings.

This new moon we all have a unique opportunity to release destructive psychological patterns that keep us imprisoned to specific ideas or outcomes. This could present physically if you are dealing with lower vibration energies of abuse as you will find a way to easily dissolve those patterns over the course of the next month.

Whatever is meant to you will flow to you. You don’t need to create intense experiences with addictions, ego dramas and creating pain for others. There is enough pain and pleasure already within you waiting to be processed. Begin your work on those and you will find your addictions to the external melt away. Imagine the bliss available to you when you begin to allow your destined blessings to flow towards you. ✨

Imagine your life without that crippling habit, without that need, without fear. What would it look like?

Mantra: Dharti Hai Akash Hai
Meditation: Releasing Childhood Anger

24 OCT 2018: Full Moon in Taurus – Know your Worth

Many people are really wrapped up in the 3rd dimension and are constantly looking for physical outcomes that might threaten this connection to that physical security. They consult their astrology in fear rather than wonder. “Will my partner leave me?” “Is now a good time to ask for that promotion?” During any retrograde we can be prone to loops where we double back, doubt and question ourselves and our choices. These fearful (and often tearful) questions” take us further and further away from the precious gift of our intuition, where we FEEL the energies in our universe, we SURRENDER to our intuition, and we KNOW when the time is right. As humans we sorely need to develop the courage to listen to that inner self and act in alignment with it, stopping our perpetual search for external validation. The ego tells us we need win/lose outcomes to experience who we are. We don’t. Astrology is a map of these energies. This map can be a guide, or it can lead us hopelessly off course if we assume that we must take every road or that a wild boar will jump out at us from every dark forest.

We really need to consider the lens with which we view the world and how that impacts what we feel is possible in our lives. This moon is a culmination where we can really FEEL we are ENOUGH ♥️ No matter what the other throws at us.

We are moving into a new paradigm on earth: out of Venus retrograde being an emotional journey into nostalgia or zombie ex lovers arriving to clear karma and into a deep reflection on what we value. As humanity we are doing so much good work to understand ourselves that the old ego dramas are starting to melt out of our experience. Astrology needs to catch up, moving out of the third dimensional world of judgement or assuming that everything must have a physical manifestation. Only with this maturity can we manage the power and potential of possibility. Don’t seek elsewhere for answers. Listen to your heart, your gut. Listen to you and use the astrology as a catalyst to expand and love yourself ♥️

(photography by Jenn Brookes)

Accelerated Healing: Venus Retrograde in Scorpio

Throughout this Venus retrograde, depending on the stage of our healing process, we have all been presented with opportunities to greatly accelerate the pace of our healing by confronting wounds that have impacted our sense of self worth and value. Through real or illusory situations we are challenging our own minds to understand exactly what false perceptions about ourselves we carry that erode our ability to stand firm in the world.

Many of us will be experiencing ego issues or sexual frustration during this time, something that can really bring to light feelings of shame and unworthiness. Understand that your body needs this sexual energy contained within it at this time to accelerate the process of your healing. You need every vital reserve within you to confront the deeply embedded traumas that have distorted your identity on this earth. Any physical, monetary, or love energy that is “rejected” (i.e. thrown back at you) is showing you an area where you are giving your power away instead of giving it to who needs it the most. You!

Aspects to Ceres indicate parental issues can be healed at this time. As we move into loving and embracing our full selves, we can feel compassion for our parents for their failure to do the same. They were also working with their own wounds!

If you go inward with this energy, be honest with yourself about the parts of you that need love, and show compassion for others even in the face of your ego wounds, you’re going to thrive as a result of this transit. When Venus retreats to Libra 31/10 embrace the levity to talk and write about them.

Be your own teacher. Your own lover. Your own guru! Or else you will get guidance and affection distorted by someone else’s traumas and wounds.

Know you are standing in your light already even if you can’t see it. Bring the energy back in, accept the love flowing towards you and cultivate the ability to reject false concepts about yourself before they hurt you!

(If someone knows the artist of this beautiful painting, please tell me so I can credit them <3)

14 Oct 2018: Spiritual Practice, Venus Retrograde and Relationship

Undertaking an intense cleansing spiritual practice like yoga creates many changes in your partnerships. you are energetically connected to many people and as you work on purifying your energy you purify those connections too.

As you begin to grow in maturity, take account of who you have become in this life, and stand in responsibility for your life, you challenge those in relationship with you to do the same. as you stand in higher integrity in your life you call on them to do the same. they may not be ready for this integrity, not having done the work themselves, but they will hear the call. this can be a terrifying, enlightening, or liberating experience that shakes you to the core. you realise the false and shallow nature of those in relationship with you for mutual convenience, and are disappointed in them for their lack of depth and integrity towards you. perhaps you are disappointed in yourself for how you’ve treated them.

Don’t be.

This is your work – facing the reality of your life that you created. you are not a victim of circumstance though it may feel like it. you are called to overcome fear and sorrow and face the truth of the life you have created and the people you partner with. only then can you have a life with strong foundations of integrity.

Forgiveness is powerful; Not as much forgiving others as forgiving yourself. When you love yourself for who you are you can have compassion for the failures of others and work to challenge them to grow (or extricate yourself from their complexity). You deserve truth. Sometimes the most painful truths are the ones you deserve the most.

(photo is from the Dhirendra Brahmachari book Yogic Suksma Vyayama, which is absolutely worth a read!)

Staying Grounded

There’s a rumour going around that too much Kundalini Yoga will cause you to come ungrounded. And judging by my practice this year I think there might be some truth to the rumours. More likely what it is doing is exposing that you are already ungrounded.

What kundalini yoga does it elevate you above your problems and give you lots of energy. However if you are working out your karma without wisdom or through projection you can create incredible chaos In your life by not thinking things through and acting on impulse. many emotions come up during the practice and the mind has the tendency to latch onto them and make judgements. you can manifest in your mind negative situations that aren’t real to resolve certain karma, and then suddenly believe that they are real and that you need to do something about it, causing a lot of destruction.

the life force in humanity that we refer to as kundalini is not just creative force it is also a destructive force. you can learn your lessons the hard way and just because you practice kundalini yoga doesn’t mean you learn them the easy way. if you are the sort of person that reflects how you’re feeling on to others it could be an extremely scary experience.

Wrapping the head wearing all white and adopting an entirely vegan yoga lifestyle is amazing if you have strong foundations and are ready to take your practice to the next level. If you have heavy karma or mental illness in your biology it’s very likely that this will be a bridge too far.

I am so grateful for my practice because it has shown me how easily I get wrapped up in ideas. I can see more clearly how ego has been wreaking havoc in my life. Of course I will continue to practice. But I’m completely changing my focus so that my ego identity does not get absorbed in the practice. It is important for me to retain balance and continue to be a householder and have life love relationships and hobbies outside of the “spiritual sphere.” In that respect it has shown me who I am.

Kundalini yoga is not a replacement for a life. If you know who you are, you’re already done.

photography by Jenn Brookes

8/9 OCT 2018: New Moon in Libra 15°, Pluto 18° Capricorn Square Sun Conjuct Ceres



We have an incredible opportunity today and over the next few weeks to gain insight into how our own patterns of behaviour limit our vision and possibilities in life, standing in the way of our highest potential.

Rejoice as you discover you are more and are capable of more than you thought. Past mentalities that have limited your life experiences will rapidly fall away in the face of your accepting the truth about who you are right now. Any negative self image based on guilt, self judgement, shame, or fear can be banished from your mind now. The ego doesn’t like to admit that it’s wrong, even if it’s hurting you with false concepts about who you are. Commit to surrendering who you thought you were and the confusion will lift over the course of the rest of this year. You are not the people you socialise with the food you eat the clothes you wear or the lifestyle you currently lead. Let go of your attachment to these things, you will find liberation and happiness.

We are all reconsidering what we VALUE in life. The area of life impacted by 15° Libra in your natal chart is going to reboot as you integrate a massive upgrade that brings you more in alignment with what you REALLY value. This is deeper than love and money and strikes through to the core of who you are. Embrace it. To do that you have to go within. Sit in silence with the part of yourself you love the least. Listen to it. Give it a hug.

Mantra: Sat Nam
Affirmation: I am

Repeat either of these like a warrior climbing to the summit to survey the battlefield.

5 OCT – 16 NOV 2018: Venus Retrograde Begins at 10° Scorpio

In western, hetero-normative culture we tend to think of love as bound up in romantic relationships. So you’ll probably see a lot of horoscopes this Venus retrograde talking about love and romance. Well, I’m going off script. That script is hack. If we are living in the truth of the heart there are so many expressions of love. Love and compassion for strangers. Love for the people who have hurt you (try that some time!). Love for your closest friends. Love for your family. And love for your comrades and colleagues, people you DO stuff with. A gathering of old friends, especially work or school friends, may bring up some old feelings of unworthiness to be healed, reminding you of the love and support you really have. All really is full of love. You’ve got an opportunity to open yourself up to it this month!

This Venus retrograde is an excellent opportunity to review and clarify your approach to money and relationships and examine your feelings of unworthiness as they come up over the next few weeks, because those feelings really are the source of the drama you experience! We don’t have to manifest our revelations and lessons in dramatic real world dramas or live in fear of that happening any more! The key to feeling “enough” is already inside of us, in our wisdom and clarity in perception of ourselves. If you feel unsupported, unloved, or lacking, observe those feelings and remind yourself of the love and support you have. 2018 has been a difficult year because it’s been a healing year. You’ve got a chance to reconnect with your self love this month, regardless of what others feel about you!

Mantra to practice this retrograde:
I am the light of the soul

Affirmations to practice: I am loved, I am worthy

30 SEP 2018: Pluto Turns Direct 18° Capricorn

Real efforts to regain grace make changes possible. You’ve unearthed a lot this summer. About yourself, about others. You’ve faced the wormy underbelly within, the rotten, neglected parts of your soul. You’ve been wrung out, shocked, been struggling. Maybe it felt like drowning in the mass of practical problems, interpersonal issues, and subconscious material that fell on you.

But now you can clear it all out. Remove the rubbish once and for all. It may make you sick to hold it in your hands but it’s the only way to pick it up and chuck it out of your life.

You have the tools already to regain your grace and freedom. Stop ignoring your power and use it to clear out the sludge. Respect your knowledge. Any efforts to avoid responsibility for your life right now will be dearly punished – your higher self will make sure of it. Only you know what you need. Take the first steps and start sketching your map of how to get it. Get on with it! Make it happen!

Affirmations are SUPER powerful right now!

Yoga suggestion: Sat Kriya to build the navel, stimulate the crown chakra, and stimulate your destiny (caution if you suffer from anxiety: pay attention to your feelings and stop if it gets too much, meditating in silence on the crown of your head)

Alternative yoga suggestion: literally shake it off. Shake every limb in your body until the shame is melted off you from the pure heat of your fervour.

Mantra: I am capable, I am able, I am ready.

21 SEP 2018: Autumnal Equinox, Sun Enters Libra Sep 23

Turn on your personal axis into forgiveness, people. Tap into the multiplicity inherent in the varied perspectives of your mind to see the other person’s view (or the birds eye view) so that you may finally feel safe enough to open your heart. You are safe now – you have set healthy boundaries and protected yourself. 2018 has been a major year with many opportunities to release old karma. If you’ve missed out so far, now’s your chance.

Moving forward is a necessity now, and in order to move onto the new stories of our lives we must close the chapter on who we were before. The blessing of an open heart is yours. You deserve all the fullness of your human experience, from the horrific pain to the exalted abundance of love. Accepting and releasing the former will make room for the latter.

We are moving out of the lower half of the wheel, the impulsive, self focused signs of ♈ through ♍ into the second half, ♎ through ♓, where we learn about ourselves through the mirror of others. At the boundary between ♍ and ♎ we have an opportunity to redefine how we are in service to others and to humanity in our lives. Cultivate the bhakti, the spirit of devotion and service, to see the most blessings unfold in your life at this time. There is no time like the present to close old karma, release the karmic binds you have on others that have hurt you, and move on for good. You deserve to release this pain from your heart.

Mantra: I am all of this and more, I am free from this like never before

20 SEP 2018: Venus in Scorpio Opposite Uranus in Taurus


How do you do the work to build when the foundations are collapsing? How can you create with a strong and determined intention when our definitions of good are constantly shifting?

The pace of life and the rate at which we are expected to integrate new information is increasing to new astonishing levels. we are becoming aware that old measures of success like worldly achievements are unsustainable in a transforming environment. Our mental landscape is transforming, so we are watching the world around us shift chop and melt according to what needs to be deconstructed or fall away from our preoccupation. The extent to which you are experiencing confusion, destruction, anxiety and burnout now is the extent to which you have failed to maintain a clear goal and perspective in your mind that is in alignment with your true self and your true soul purpose.

The sun in Virgo Transit has really switched the light on, hasn’t it? We can’t run anymore from the areas where we have let ourselves down.

The real achievement you can hope to gain now is to regain or maintain mastery over your mind and body so that you have the agility to incorporate new ideas and changing conditions with grace and a smile. In order for us to get to that state we have to be honest with ourselves about the extent to which our shadow selves are ruling our lives and limiting our success.

Accept that you may feel like nothing has been accomplished. Put whatever energy you have left into something to improve your mental clarity take care of your emotions and recharge your body. Let whatever is going to die, die, even if it is just an aspect of your personality or your self. Grieve. The path forward is through acceptance.

Mantra: I accept my whole self, my whole self is needed to take the next step.