24-27 APR 2019: Pluto retrograde and solar flares. What needs to GO?


Like a blast, we are hit with some unexpected interference that forces us inward. Anxiety as fuel for inner change.

Solar flares are creating increased magnetism in a lot of us. We could feel potent, and that realisation of personal power is particularly frightening because we feel personally responsible for not only or lives, but the lives of those around us in our sphere of influence. And because of the increased magnetism around these solar flares we are aware of having a bigger sphere of influence, a bigger aura than we thought. Which means we can magnetically attract more. It’s up to you if it’s more light, more gold, more God, or if you want to float through life like a giant hoover, attracting everyone else’s drama. But this is a time you are aware that the path to become MORE involves the acceptance of LESS of something else to create the space. Time to take out the trash.

Pluto retrograde turns this MORE energy inward to help you find the path to LESS. We’re raising the energy on this planet and you’re now tasked with the work of figuring out what is keeping you low. It’s going to take some insisting, some investigation, some insight. This obsessive inward focused energy could just as easily manifest as constant worry, so please channel in down into your root to root out whatever remaining insecurities or habits are holding you back. If something suddenly removes itself from your space, thank your higher self for showing you what was holding you back and eliminating it quickly.

Kriya: 108 frogs
Mantra: Sat Nam Wahe Guru

See you Sunday 28 April for another meditation where we confront this intense purifying energy! 7pm BST (GMT+1)

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