5 APR 2019: NEW MOON IN ARIES 15° – Peat Fires

Slow burn! This isn’t a fire that will go out quickly. Loads of purging is happening – can you use those gross, old stale emotions as fuel to change your life?

There is incredible new energy coming in this new moon. At least it feels new. But there is no new. We are suddenly afire with enthusiasm and vitality. Why? Because as a collective we have been purging incredible amounts of dense, painful, toxic energy. The global collective is in the middle of an incredible structural and emotional transformation, and the key to our thriving is the extent to which we are willing to ignite and chuck the soggy peat of the past into the fire 🔥. It’s not easy, but on this new moon we can feel the progress we have already made, giving us a new levity and confidence. It’s working! It feels fresh, but it’s a freshness you have earned by being brave enough to let the old be burned away. The inner furnace of our body, our heart, is burning up the soggy peat of our past, turning it to ash to fertilise the soil for our new ideas to be planted.

Those of you who went though the dark night of the soul in 2018 might be finally feeling ready to start again. It’s a great time to plant seeds. This is the first new moon in the astrological year. Manifestations are really powerful now. Manifesting your creative projects will have powerful results this year if you start NOW. Let the dying past motivate you to create the new future.

Kriya: Sat Kriya and Gyan Chakra Kriya
Meditation: Ek Ong Kar Sat Gurprasad

Photo by John Maher

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