Uranus enters Taurus, Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces 16°.

No excuses now. Maybe the pool of your heart has not been heated by the sun and it’s feeling too cold. Dive in anyway. It’s the shock your nervous system needs. You’ll get used to it.

You already know the old foundations can’t hold you anymore. You’ve got to learn to swim. The safest place to learn to swim is in your own depth. Get to know your own lagoon. In your own time, in your own way. But stop waiting to be pushed. Dive in! Make the choice to enjoy being you, experiencing you, all of you. Uncomfortable, perhaps, but refreshing. And it will serve you well when you’ll need to swim in the currents next year…

The gift of mercury retrograde is the turning off or sight INWARD. Most people resist this and get blocks as they push forward during this special time of reflection. This new moon gives you the chance to create your new practice, cultivating a new practice of inner being for life. Dream deeper dreams. Get to know your desires. So cancel your plans, turn around, and DIVE IN. ❤️

Kriya: Toning the Kidneys

Mantra: Dharti Hai

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