4 JAN 2019: New Moon Solar Eclipse 15° Capricorn

Lay foundations for your future in your heart’s vision! Not your friend’s, not your family’s, yours! To do that you’ll need to go deeper into your intuition than you have before. As you survey the land ahead, what does your heart tell you about which mountain you need to climb, which palace you should build? Stand in that understanding as you face the terrain ahead and decide what life you want to create. As the external information available to you becomes murky or unclear, you’ll find increasing clarity going inward into your own perception.

If the idea of building something fills your with fear of a future burden, it might be time to let go of that fear and take hold of your life. Mars in Aries is giving you the motivation and courage. This eclipse gives us the chance to start building a new life structure to better support our spirit and physical needs, culminating w/the 2020 jupiter-pluto-saturn synod.

When newly direct Uranus re-enters Taurus this year it will be again working overtime to continue the rewiring of our nervous systems that it began in May 2018 (and had to stop and retrograde because we all had a bunch of unprocessed karma to address!). We will all be re-grounded in our authentic selves, disconnected from artificial models of being imprinted on us from society, so this new life we’re working on will be in alignment with this true self.

So much love to you as you awaken to your heart’s desire and discover new courage on how to make it real 😘

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