Accelerated Healing: Venus Retrograde in Scorpio

Throughout this Venus retrograde, depending on the stage of our healing process, we have all been presented with opportunities to greatly accelerate the pace of our healing by confronting wounds that have impacted our sense of self worth and value. Through real or illusory situations we are challenging our own minds to understand exactly what false perceptions about ourselves we carry that erode our ability to stand firm in the world.

Many of us will be experiencing ego issues or sexual frustration during this time, something that can really bring to light feelings of shame and unworthiness. Understand that your body needs this sexual energy contained within it at this time to accelerate the process of your healing. You need every vital reserve within you to confront the deeply embedded traumas that have distorted your identity on this earth. Any physical, monetary, or love energy that is “rejected” (i.e. thrown back at you) is showing you an area where you are giving your power away instead of giving it to who needs it the most. You!

Aspects to Ceres indicate parental issues can be healed at this time. As we move into loving and embracing our full selves, we can feel compassion for our parents for their failure to do the same. They were also working with their own wounds!

If you go inward with this energy, be honest with yourself about the parts of you that need love, and show compassion for others even in the face of your ego wounds, you’re going to thrive as a result of this transit. When Venus retreats to Libra 31/10 embrace the levity to talk and write about them.

Be your own teacher. Your own lover. Your own guru! Or else you will get guidance and affection distorted by someone else’s traumas and wounds.

Know you are standing in your light already even if you can’t see it. Bring the energy back in, accept the love flowing towards you and cultivate the ability to reject false concepts about yourself before they hurt you!

(If someone knows the artist of this beautiful painting, please tell me so I can credit them <3)

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