14 Oct 2018: Spiritual Practice, Venus Retrograde and Relationship

Undertaking an intense cleansing spiritual practice like yoga creates many changes in your partnerships. you are energetically connected to many people and as you work on purifying your energy you purify those connections too.

As you begin to grow in maturity, take account of who you have become in this life, and stand in responsibility for your life, you challenge those in relationship with you to do the same. as you stand in higher integrity in your life you call on them to do the same. they may not be ready for this integrity, not having done the work themselves, but they will hear the call. this can be a terrifying, enlightening, or liberating experience that shakes you to the core. you realise the false and shallow nature of those in relationship with you for mutual convenience, and are disappointed in them for their lack of depth and integrity towards you. perhaps you are disappointed in yourself for how you’ve treated them.

Don’t be.

This is your work – facing the reality of your life that you created. you are not a victim of circumstance though it may feel like it. you are called to overcome fear and sorrow and face the truth of the life you have created and the people you partner with. only then can you have a life with strong foundations of integrity.

Forgiveness is powerful; Not as much forgiving others as forgiving yourself. When you love yourself for who you are you can have compassion for the failures of others and work to challenge them to grow (or extricate yourself from their complexity). You deserve truth. Sometimes the most painful truths are the ones you deserve the most.

(photo is from the Dhirendra Brahmachari book Yogic Suksma Vyayama, which is absolutely worth a read!)

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