29 AUG 2018: Natural Growth – Waning Moon in Aries 8°, Sun in Virgo Trine Uranus and Saturn

After this recent emotional release/dissolving, you might find a fresh emotional impulse to make (or continue making) real physical plans in your life. And how easily these changes will be carried out now that you know that you are D-D-DONE with that old story. Illusions about yourself rooted in your family upbringing have been busted. You know in your heart that you are different than you were. You can see clearly who others, and who you are.

All this information might be a bit much. You might feel vulnerable and anxious as you step out into this new emotional space of freedom from those old karmic binds that might have been so silky and cozy but still held you into a reality that did not hold space for your full emotional range. Maybe you’re still feeling conflicted trying to parse everything you have just realised in the mind into your body or your heart.

Make time for these new, spiky feelings this week. You are still clearing the last residue of those old insecurities. But keep going. Honour the ways in which you are NOW and assert that if someone tries to pull you back into a timeline or story based on who you WERE. You KNOW you’re done with that, so focus on the next magical steps in your life, unapologetically.

Mantra for this week:
I deserve independence, my inner fire is in service of my highest dreams.

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