11 AUG 2018: Solar Eclipse in Leo

sure it’s an eclipse in Leo. but there’s a real chance to feel satisfied and cozy if that you’ve done the internal work to get this far. we’ve had a rough summer, and nothing is settled, and you deserve to speak your truth even in the face of uncertainty. if you have mastered this, curl up.

however if you are not spending time in environments or with people who help you feel positively regal, consider a realignment. you may see some excessive displays of power stemming from people’s deepest insecurities, still being worked through.

anything that is blocking you from standing in your full power is going to come up now.

the question is, how can we allow the other space to be wrong or contradict us without letting them make us feel insecure, trample over us, or dampen our light? because the truth is, we all want to be fluffy together right now, even if the claws come out sometimes.

Mantra: I accept the truth about myself and others, so we can grow into our highest authority.

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