8 AUG 2018 (8/8): The Lion’s Gate

The final flourish in this summer story of eclipses. So you’ve been knocked and experienced some hurt. Can you open up your heart, trust, and speak your truth? Are you really going to let those old insecurities and hangups stop you from stepping into your light?

Of course not!

Finish that last chapter, close that old sad book, and chuck in the soil to fertilise new growth. You’ve got what you needed from that story. It’s done.

The (8/8) lions gate is an auspicious time each year that you can use to reopen your creative expression. If there are any old, stale hurts or calcified blocks in your heart, get ready to feel them crumble, or else have them shaken and knocked loose! If you’re too attached to them because they make you feel “stable”, get ready to say goodbye. We’ve had a hot, singeing summer that’s killed off some weak growth, and you’ve judiciously cut it back (or had it lopped off for you!) Now try some approaches to grow again. To do that you’ll need to play, invent, experiment. Trial new methods. Go outside your boundaries to adopt new approaches. Nothing permanent, mind – we’re still in mercury retrograde, so evaluate and analyse but don’t yet decide. Find joy in showing others how to do the same. You may be hurt but you are still strong enough to lead.

Some clues to be found in Dane Rudhyar’s 16 and 18 ° ♌ sabian symbols here: “The storm ended, all nature rejoices in brilliant sunshine” “A chemist conducts an experiment for their students”

Good practices for this week:
– stand in the shower with hot water on the back of the neck to stimulate the pineal gland
– heart and navel chakra opening exercises
– mindfulness practices to spot and discard your stale self perceptions

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