13 JUL 2018: New Moon Partial Eclipse in Cancer

Have you been crying out for a clean slate? A way out? A shiny new start?

Those exasperated raging electric tears of yours are the rain the soil needs. Whatever you release will come back to you tenfold in the form of new blessings. Soon. Let pluto do it’s deep work on you. Don’t fight it. Trust.

Eclipses are major catalysts to move along the stories of our lives, and because this is falling on a new moon, it will be about a door *opening*. Maybe not even all the way. Just a little crack to let in the light of possibility to show you change is possible, or even on its way.

Pisces and Scorpio expect sneak peaks at a new attractive pathway or solution opening up that you haven’t considered or wasn’t possible before. Think surprise blessings (or blessings in disguise)! Cancer (or opposing sign Capricorn), you might experience a feeling that you might be capable of change, or already changing. Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn) this might be felt externally as events happen to show you a new course of action. Don’t fight the insight/idea/plan even if it’s uncomfortable. Flow with it. Be patient and wise, like this guy. Keep an eye on it. Paying attention to where Cancer sits in your natal chart can really help you here. If you’re not sure, DM me for a consultation.

Really looking forward to seeing you at my Kundalini yoga class on WEDNESDAY the 11th this week! 7:00pm at the Friends House, 6 Mount Street, Manchester. We’ll be chilling in easy pose like this little fella, digging into our center before the new moon kicks in.

Mantra for you: “I am sensitive enough to be aware of where I need to let go.

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