15 May 2018: Uranus Enters Taurus

Who are you when you are stripped of your assets? Your successes? Your achievements, the little superficial decorations for your identity? Without your profession, without your partner, without your clothes, without your body, without your nation, without your hobbies, without your creations… if you take that away, what is left? What do you really value? If you suddenly lose all of that, how can you still feel secure?

We have a tremendous shift coming up. Uranus is moving into Taurus on May 15th after completing its 7 year stint in Aries (2011-18) that awakened all kinds of new exciting visions for the future. When Uranus transits Taurus (2018-26) we might encounter bumpy roads and shock reality shifts as we struggle to make all of these dazzling new (conflicting) ideas into a reality and events out of our control force us to evaluate the things we took for granted about “reality”. Check where Taurus is positioned in your natal chart and have a look what aspects are going to come up.

Things to DO that will help you stay on track during this cycle:
* Embracing changes to your physical reality outside of your control as rapidly as possible (panicking is not an option)
* Strengthening your mental and physical capacity to tolerate shock with conditioning (meditation, psychological work//training, kundalini yoga, cold showers, physical exercise, changing the diet, etc.)
* Committing to fun and laughter even when confronting deeply painful and personal fears around change
* Clarity and insight into what REALLY matters to you in the physical world (body, 💰, sex, possessions)

If your ☀️ or ascendant is in a fixed sign (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, or Leo) this can manifest as a total change in your appearance/ego identity that comes in a flash, with a sudden change/insight into who you are. Your future self arrives, NOW. Wow!

For those interested in how this transit will affect them, I’m offering Uranus in Taurus transit consultations to help you understand what themes might come up for you (send me a DM 😉) Have fun and enjoy the ride! 🎢

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